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Logline: Honestly I am not sure about this but something along the lines with boy/girl struggling with their identity

Victor/Victoria is a person struggling with their identity due to some physical issues he has. As Victor/Victoria tells his story and the decision to become Victoria we see the ups and downs she faces with family, and her lonely life. We see from birth to the final hour of Victoria's life and how society has forced her to make a final decision. We share the traumatic experience Victor has to go thru in trying to correct or fix a situation he has no control of. We see the struggle with his father and the unfiltering love of a mother. We live the excitement of Victoria being hired and climbing the ladder of success in her career. We get to share in the love for the first time and the acceptance. We share in the pain of losing a special someone, the lying, the deceit and pain of betrayal.

Posted: 2 months ago