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Favorite Genres: Sci-fi mixed with fantasy

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Hi there! I'm Lief (pronounced Leaf). I'm an aspiring screenwriter looking for ways to improve future projects. I currently have one full-length screenplay under my belt, which you can give feedback on right here!

Matryoshka feature

When corrupt officials mix with the supernatural, it's bound to get interesting.

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Lina is troubled by how mysterious the world is to her. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. But when she's visited by a fallen angel named Hollie, the world she thought she vaguely knew will be turned on its head.

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Logline: The worst pain brings out the most determination

Finding Milana is about a father named Doug who ends up committing suicide after his young daughter, Milana, is killed in a car crash on her birthday. He is sent to hell where he encounters a life-size version of Milana's doll, Squishy. The two work together to find Doug's daughter. They end up climbing a mountain where various perils await, including earthquakes, avalanches, demon bats, and more. When they finally find Milana through a door to purgatory, she tells them that a "man in the clouds" told her that he'd be looking for her, but they couldn't stay together because her father was sent to a bad place. The script ends on a somewhat happy note, with Doug, Milana, and Squishy getting to share a day together before Doug has to go back to purgatory.

Posted: 4 months ago