Wanna See


By Tedd Luv

A traumatised former lawyer feels a constant terrifying presence and struggles to understand if it is real or a product of his own mind.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 24%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 24%
Draft 1: 84%
2 Reviews | 36 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 2


A psychological horror short movie with a plot twist that explains everything, yet (hopefully) makes the viewer even more unsettled.

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Peer Reviews

I LOVE good psychological horror and DETEST the latter. While I REALLY feel this writer has good ideas brewing somewhere within, this story is very much the latter.
I’m of the opinion that any bad story can be salvaged. I would never tell a writer to toss the whole script out and try again. If this writer BELIEVES in this story with their heart, then I encourage them to make it work; and i’m here reviewing scripts because I LOVE film and I know...

1 year ago |
Alex Laing Top Reviewer
36pgs --- needs major additions to hit feature length

he is here notes aug2019

he is here ---- im thinking old tz ep
tz - dennis hopper
he's alive - serling wrote

reading -- odd - i seem always to start with sound before FADE IN
give an atmospheric aural sensation first

scene descrip - show us --- this isnt a novel
pg2 He is extremely paranoid.

pg3 --- he just had a...

1 year ago |

A Play In One Act

Written By: Tyler Stone


Malcolm Burton: An arrogant academically advanced Teen who is best described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Vinny Hopkins: Teen who is a conspiracy theory fanatic and also believes that the government is after him and all of those around him.
Olivia Frazier: Teen who is believed to be physic but in reality is just one big co...

1 year ago |
A good overall short film, but with some short comings. This piece definitely had me turning the page but overall a lot more flesh is required to make it a more enjoyable read.

The characters need ironing out - they sound far too similar and there are no surprises to any of them. For example July and Lucy could easily be the same person, as could the psychiatrist and Jack's boss. Think about using a piece of personal history, such as...

1 year ago |

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