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Again to Love

By Michael Kibler

A college foreign exchange student unintentionally gets involved in a love triangle between two exes and must decide to let her feelings be known, or let them get back together.

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Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 10: 67%
Draft 9: 67%
Draft 8: 20%
Draft 7: 47%
Draft 6: 73%
Draft 5: 73%
Draft 4: 100%
Draft 3: 47%
Draft 2: 14%
Draft 1: 40%
2 Reviews | 91 pages | 4 weeks ago | Draft 10


Iðunn Halldórsdóttir is in a failing relationship as Will North's relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Theresa Jenkins comes to an abrupt end.

Months later, Iðunn and Will meet through Olivia North, Will's mother, who hosts Iðunn as a foreign exchange student.

Meanwhile, Theresa runs into Will in public. Combined with the run in and stumbling upon old photos of her and Will together, Theresa has second thoughts and regrets about ending the relationship.

As Iðunn and Will's relationship grows, Theresa tries to salvage what was left of hers and Wills.

A family emergency causes Iðunn to return home. While back home Iðunn breaks up with her boyfriend. This causes Iðunn to look toward Will for comfort. Theresa tries to make attempts at getting Will back into her life to rebuild what they used to have together.

Eventually, Theresa discovers Iðunn and Will's connection together causing a confrontational situation.

Iðunn looks toward Olivia and her family for advice. Theresa goes to her roommate, Hayden Crow. And, Will all but gives up on love entirely.

Iðunn makes the decision to let her feelings be known for Will. Will and Iðunn get together. While Theresa finds new and unexpected love with Hayden.

Theresa tries to make up for her actions by getting Will an internship in Iceland to be with Iðunn. Will and Iðunn reunite in Iceland together.

Industry Reviews

The screenplay is well presented and read very well and the characters are relatable and engaging but I'm not sure if there is enough narrative drive to the story. Furthermore, the last act does have some issues in terms of conflict and the main characters working to achieve their goal. Adding the suspense of whether to the already existing tension of when might help the first three-quarters of the script, but the final act does need some conflic...

5 months ago |
Blaise Hesselgren Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

All in all, I'm glad I got to read this again because honestly, this is probably one of the best, if not THE best script I've read on this site this far. And I've read a whole lot of them. Can't wait to see where this script goes!

3 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
Overall, I liked the descriptions. They were straight to the point. I thing your major issue is the dialogue. Hope this helped.

2 weeks ago |
Overall, I think this is a very solid script. All the characters are complex and three dimensional that I care about literally everyone. My biggest piece of feedback is making the bond between Idunn and Will a tiny bit more believable, and setting up Tess and Hayden's sexual relationship. Other than that, well done!

1 month ago |
Marlon Schwiersch Top Reviewer
The story is a love triangle that also could be a coming of age for a 20 year old. I found that move slowly to the climax of the relationships working out who will end up with whom.

Is the Concept strong/original? Yes and no. It read like a "Life time movie" The first half of the script is slow compared to the last half.

Does the logline/first ten pages draw the reader? Not really. But the whole point is to build to the last half of the s...

1 month ago |
Dale Morgan Top Reviewer
I'll be honest. It's a script worth to produce but however it needs to be retouched.
In most cases you forgot to show. You told us almost everything. The rule is that if it's not on screen. Cut it out. Write only what we can see.
I'll give an example of the opening scene. Where are told that Idunn just received a letter. We don't see that. U could have maybe show a delivery man pass a letter n then she feels great about it.
Also it's not clear...

2 months ago |
Overall, "Again to Love" is a diamond in the rough, which, with some tender loving care, can become a shining gemstone of a story. At 90 pages, it is just right - not too long, and not too short - although I am concerned about some spelling and formatting errors which appear sporadically, typically throughout the second act, along with some punctuation mistakes which permeate the early pages. If these holes can be plugged up, and the dialogue can...

4 months ago |
Stefano Pavone Top Reviewer
Overall, the idea is solid and the characters are given their own situation with regard to romance and love. The central idea, however, must be nailed down and the characters must revolve around this exclusively. Exposition must be shown by actions and decisions rather than told through the character dialogue.

3 months ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer
The story could just use a bit more of some sort of "oomph". Something magical or highly dramatic would add a lot. As it is, you have some super cool characters that are fun to read and convey a lot of emotion in their dialogue. It would be fun to see them in some more crazy situations.

3 months ago |
sam Top Reviewer
All in all, I think this was yet another good read on your script and a very interesting structure/take on the script. I would just recommend for your next revision to cut back a bit on the flashbacks and maybe focus on making fewer prolonged flashbacks if you're going for non-linear structuring. Good luck!

4 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
This was a simple love story, not a complicated read. While love stories are common what makes this script different is the elements of a foreign culture. The introduction of the characters native to the foreign country set the tone of the script. The relationships between the characters were easy to understand. The foreign exchange student seem like she had a very nice personality, and even the people native to the country had qualities that I a...

6 months ago |
i n Top Reviewer
i've already mentioned the concept, it's not crazy, it is what it is. The story still doesn't work for me. Like I said in the review of the previous draft, a good story has some sort of conflict. What movie have you ever watched or book have you ever read where there was no type of conflict at all for the first 2/3. It just doesn't work. When there's no conflict, there's nothing pushing the characters to do anything, it's just people living their...

6 months ago |
Ulysses Macargen Top Reviewer
Here were my thoughts on your revised script:

1. Concept - As mentioned previously, the concept isn't the most original or the strongest. That being said, that gives you more room for creativity and I can see that you've definitely taken that into account more for this newer draft.

2. Story - Just as before, I thought the story was, overall, pretty good. I've noticed it was shortened up just a tad to keep it from dragging and the big scene...

7 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
"Again to Love" is comprised of very little more than the minimum elements to compose a romance. Extremely low character count with not much personality to go around; a single plot-line that runs mostly without conflict; dialogues that work surface-level and with little nuance; scenes that are almost always mono-thematic; and practically no character development to speak of. I will expand on each issue and the do a summary at the end.
As far as...

6 months ago |
Writing 90 - 120 pages of so-called "scenes" does not mean it's a screenplay. It means you understand how to format the Slug, Action, Character, and Dialogue lines. That's all that's here. That's not even done properly in parts. How this was accepted through the first 15 is beyond me. It does you a disservice.

A screenplay (movie) shows us a story through action and reaction. Live fictional characters, in the most entertaining way possible....

7 months ago |
Van Lutz Top Reviewer
Concept: As I’m sure you know, the concept of a love triangle isn’t all that crazy and the foreign exchange student twist isn’t too crazy either. I have to say that I don’t love how much weight concept carries in this system as an old concept that’s executed well can be great but...

Story: ... the execution does have to be great. A story really should have conflict, a sequence of causes and effects. There’s no real conflict that drives the st...

7 months ago |
Ulysses Macargen Top Reviewer
Let's starts with the setting. College campuses are -- usually -- terrible places to set a movie because the only people who care about the lives of 18-24 years-olds are 18-24 year-old. (The one notable exception is if the college film is about friendship, which is why the most popular college-based films usually involve fraternities.) I can't think of a romance movie set at college off the top of my head, so this could conceivably be new territo...

7 months ago |
Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - Even though the concept isn't the most original, it's simple enough to where you can work with it and add a lot of your own creativity into it.

2. Story - For the most part, I thought the story was decent, albeit a bit prolonged and just slightly predictable. Unfortunately though, I feel like the story downgrades in quality once it gets to the ending, almost entirely because of Theresa's ch...

7 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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