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A Rogue Story

By Kristopher MacNeill

Kal, a solitary thief, stumbles to find her place in a city ruled by crime. When destiny hurtles her toward a powerful wizard, and a barbarian with a dangerous secret, three rapscallions must band together to navigate a silent coup set in motion by an ancient evil.

Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 4: 67%
Draft 1: 100%
1 Reviews | 56 pages | 7 months ago | Draft 4


A Rogue Story works on many levels as a sort of cerebral fantasy thriller. It's dark and foreboding and contains several layers of mystery. A much darker medieval fantasy vibe than most tv shows, past or present - But still manages to evoke the imagery of all of them.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Really enjoyed your story, great work! Here are a couple of my notes.

the beginning of the story with the mask God really interested me. It was so weird and unexplained that i wanted to read more to find out what was going on.

Pg. 7 really reminded me of assassins creed when Kal adopted the looks and mannerisms of the surrounding monks.

Very surprised by Jhon dying on page 9, he felt like a main character, part of a duo. very cool twi...

7 months ago |
The script is boldly imaginative and clearly has come from a writer who has spent an impressive amount of time considering every minutia of the fantasy world they have constructed. This helps the worldbuilding of the piece to feel more effective and immersive. The prose is well crafted throughout and effectively uses visual language to paint a clear, cinematic sense of what the show's finished aesthetic will be. The dialogue is well crafted throu...

1 year ago |
Timothy Boissey Top Reviewer
The opening of the story was a great way to introduce the reader to a brand new world of mystery and adventure. The symbolism between the Chavr board and the world that the characters live in is very exciting and clever. The main character Kal is a dynamic character that you can tell has a lot going on behind her eyes. The way that she is thrown into the world of gods and magic is riveting. The way her journey is described is so vivid and the rea...

1 year ago |
Matthew Kelly Top Reviewer

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