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According to Legend

By Keith St. Lawrence

What starts as a simple missing persons case for a supernatural private detective turns into a city-wide conspiracy where the fate and survival of some of its citizens rests solely in his memories.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 67%
Draft 1: 7%
2 Reviews | 117 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 2


In the fantastical city of New York, veteran private detective Ray Randi is assigned the task of finding a client’s missing sister, but the death of a prominent figure and a looming war turns what should be an easy case into his toughest one yet. Ray takes a journey through the magical, but seedy, underbelly of the city to his old school to even his own memories to not only save this girl’s life, but his own.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

The concept is original in a world mixing a thriller with the fantastic like the 2017 movie Bright. The mix stays strong and doesn't feel off thanks to the strong capacity of the writer to blend those two universes without falling into a parody.
In the first 10 pages, we're quickly getting into the story. We quickly recognize the world that we are in and the action comes right off.
The scenes are well executed most of the time, the jumps betwee...

2 years ago |
Axel Geran Top Reviewer
This story was easy to follow and I quickly began to care for the characters. The only issues I have is in the slugline locations, I would have liked a map of where the various scenes are at since I'm unfamiliar with New York City. Some dialogue had cliches and distracted me from the conversation a little. The only other item is that I did see some grammar errors that are easily fixed. I'd recommend a filter like Grammarly (free online).

I lik...

2 years ago |
dreadfully boring - a gun cocked with lots of weird eccentric beings - that dont do much

late aug19

title in italics --- no writer name --- poor start - i havent read anything
117pgs - also a glaring red blinking flash
pg count per pdf not script page

italics in dialog - means singing? - just say that parenthetically with character dialog

ive never seen that much italics in a screenplay - disconcerting


2 years ago |

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