Wanna See


By Kathleen Hof

When Russia attacks Ukraine in 2022, a patriotic vampire joins the United States military to destroy the Russian Army and stop newly minted vampire Vladimir from annihilating the world with nuclear weapons.

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Bradley died fighting in the American Civil War. Brayden died in World War One. Alison died during the bombing of Nagasaki. Luckily, these true patriots didn't remain dead for long. They were turned into vampires.

During peacetime, Bradley, Brayden, Alison and other patriotic vampires known as Troop Eternity live together in a Ukrainian cave, raising their food and isolating themselves from humanity. They have a signed oath pact to never feed on a human and if they ever succumb to temptation, they will extinguish themselves.

Then, in 2022, Vladimir Putin learns he's in the throes of death from cancer with absolutely no medical treatment available to save his life. On his deathbed, Vladimir has one major regret, letting Ukraine separate from Russia. He's determined to correct his mistake and cement his legacy for all eternity by recapturing Ukraine.

Russia invades Ukraine. The United States comes to Ukraine's aide. Many countries provide help to Ukraine. During one attack, Troop Eternity's cave is bombed. Troop Eternity loses their home and sustenance. They are left with 2 choices, starvation or feed on humans.

Instead, Bradley makes a deal with an old friend, someone whose life he saved during the Viet Nam War, General Dillon. Troop Eternity is promised sustenance in exchange for secretly fighting in Russia's War against Ukraine with the mission of saving the lives of Americans and Ukrainians.

Throughout the war, Troop Eternity wins some battles and loses some battles. Both sides create new innovative weapons. But, in the long run, Russia consistently loses more than it wins.

Vladimir Putin is incensed at being the laughing stock of the world. He seeks out an unconventional, unspeakable treatment to stay alive, being turned by a rogue vampire.

As the war rages, every battle lost by Russia results in Vladimir becoming more and more unhinged. Finally, Vladimir becomes delusional and totally bonkers. Lost in unreality, Vladimir orders nuclear weapons deployed against Ukraine, the United States and the entire world.

With the help of the rogue vampire, someone Bradley discovers was once extremely close to him, Troop Eternity learns Vladimir's nuclear annihilation plans at the very last second.

Bradley, Brayden, Alison and Troop Eternity go full battle mode against Vladimir and his army to save the world from nuclear Armageddon. It's a nail biter but eventually Troop Eternity wins.

Bradley, Brayden and Alison capture Vladimir. Using colloidal silver, they torture the evil dictator until he EXPLODES into history.

With Vladimir dead, the war ends.

Having fulfilled their deal, Troop Eternity resettles in Alaska, once again raising their own food far from tempting humans.

On orders from the President of the United States, General Dillon keeps a watchful eye on Troop Eternity in case another leader decides to nuke the world.

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