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By Kathleen Hof

After a genius bioweapons scientist realizes his multiracial baby daughter will someday be the victim of violent racism, he struggles to end racism by turning everyone the same color. When his plan fails, he formulates another way to totally end racial hate and division throughout the world.

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In an attempt to protect his baby daughter from racism, a bioweapons genius turns everyone the same color. When people find another way to restore racial hate, he formulates a way to totally end racism throughout the world.

Like Coffee With Cream takes place during the covid pandemic.

The protagonist, Raymond, is a Caucasian bioweapons genius working on the covid vaccine. He is married to an African American woman, Jasmine. They have a multi-racial baby daughter.

Jasmine films a brutal racial incident between the police and an innocent African American Man. She watches him die. She believes the police responsible will not be held accountable. On the other hand, Raymond, being a "live by the facts" scientist believes the officers will be found guilty. Ultimately, Jasmine is correct and the police are acquitted. Finally, Raymond realizes racial hatred is real and the baby daughter he loves more than life itself, will someday be the victim of violent racism.

Raymond, hoping to end racism and save his daughter, uses his bioweapon gain of function research to come up with a formula that turns everyone the same color. Raymond's African American journalist friend, Roger, who is dying from cancer, initially unknowingly helps Raymond release the formula. Eventually, hoping for one last story of a lifetime Roger joins Raymond's efforts to end racism. The formula is released via the initial covid vaccines.

Turning everyone the same color backfires. The world devolves into chaos for both blacks and whites. The financial markets crash. Employment is in disarray. People riot over the confusion surrounding race based social programs and the end of white privilege. Plus, the White Supremacists and Black activists who rely on racial hate are really upset their income has ended. But, the chaos starts to ebb when people accept the inevitable.

But, then, since the human race is extremely innovative, people discover how to once again define a person's original race by physical characteristics. Facial recognition programs are employed by the government. Once again, racial hate is full blown.

Now, even more determined, Raymond with the help of Roger releases another formulation so people can't define race by physical characteristics. Every person on earth has DNA from every race. This new change is released in the covid booster shot vaccine. His formulation spreads exponentially like a highly transmittable virus so vaccine hesitancy isn't a problem.

Ultimately, racism no longer exists world-wide.

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