The couple Ep 1: Party short

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#Drama #Comedy

LOGLINE: A guy has a christmas party but see his girlfriend cheating on him


Nominee Draft #1


2 Reviews | 10 pages | 10 months ago | Draft 1

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So, I read parts 1 and 2, but this seems fully disconnected from them, (and they from each other), so I'm not sure who "The Couple" is... The couples in all of your 10-page shorts don't end up together, and the overarching alien religious theme (barely hinted at in this one - as if only to establish that they take place in the same world) doesn't do anything to connect these thematically or serve a purpose except to establish that the world is n...
Overall, the story was interesting since it deals with a modern dilemma for women. However, instead of the same old story, adding the supernatural element, Aeon, made it different. I can see this as a series.

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