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Poppy seeds Part 1

By i n

A florist wants to win a gardening contest but is sabotaged by her neighbor.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 57%
Industry Rating: 33%
3 Reviews | 15 pages | 3 months ago | Draft 1


In part 1 a florist named Uri is introduced and her struggle with addiction resurfaces when she learns her grandmother dies.

Industry Reviews

And intriguing story, but needs more, especially from the protagonist. At some point, she will need to steer the story and in the direction it needs to go. Right now, Cole seems to be the only determining factor of the situations in your script. The dynamic needs to be set forth early on, and your audience needs more direction and focus.

1 month ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

Overall I liked it, a really good start and gripping enough to want to read on and see how the story pans out, I enjoyed the introduction to the protagonists back story and look forward to getting to know them better and experiencing how they progress as the story proceeds. The other characters we are introduced to have longevity and are interesting enough to want to know how their relationship develops with the lead already which can be a chall...

2 months ago |
¤ At the beginning URI writes on a card to her grand ma. Takes it to the hospital. She looks calm. But however we are told that she was told that her grand ma was seriously sick. It made me wonder if she truly loved her grand mother.
☆ WHAT YOU CAN DO. - Take or leave it.
I suggest that you start with a killer. Introduce us to URI. she is calm. Taking care of flowers. May be a gardener breaks the flower pot. She gets furi...

2 months ago |

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