Wanna See

Medium: Pilot

By i n

A girl who experiences supernatural entities also has to battle a psychological disorder.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 70%
Industry Rating: N/A
2 Reviews | 31 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 1


Tina is in a new relationship but her disorder and supernatural insight causes things to go awry.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

This script is a backbone for something that can be very promising. I'd say just work more on your dialogue and character, and try and stretch the current story to more than a pilot. Hope this helps.

1 month ago |
Marlon Schwiersch Top Reviewer
Overall I thought the story was unique and intertaining. I enjoyed it thoughout. I just wonder if this is a drama then shouldnt it be longer? like 50- 60 pgs? As this story is not a sitcom maybe you can flesh it out more and write a longer story arc that leads to her getting out of the hosptial and facing Kyle. However, if you decide to go with it I really think you should continue the story to a later point.
That being said I think the script e...

1 month ago |
Manuel Trujillo Top Reviewer

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