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Cowspiracy Ep 1

By i n

The birth of a baby cow produces hope for a struggling farmer but also an unforseen detrimental magic

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 57%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 57%
2 Reviews | 51 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 2


William who is a farmer had to get rid of most of his cows because of an illness they contracted from eating grass. He is left with 4 cows that have trouble producing babies. He gets help from his son Tagger to birth a baby cow.

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Peer Reviews

Overall, this was a fair first episode for Cowspiracy. As mentioned above, I would mainly focus on fleshing out your main characters more to make the story more engaging and revise the dialogue to remove any errors. Good luck!

1 month ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
I would very much like to read more from this writer, they have a natural style and have displayed that they have written before and have talent. I would still be interested to find out how the story progresses and how the story works around a cow and what its powers are. The writer has demonstrated a good level of skill and a natural flow.

4 weeks ago |

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