Wanna See


By Bruce Vancamp

After learning that an elite art school is offering a scholarship and that applications for it are due in less than a day, a struggling painter tries to create the perfect work for submission in a bid to win it.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: 63%
Draft 2: 73%
Draft 1: 47%
3 Reviews | 16 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 2


A short film about an artist racing against a clock to perfect his painting with elements of magical realism.

Industry Reviews

This is a story that anyone can relate to, and it's also fulfilling to watch. However, there's something compelling that's missing, and a lot of it can be discovered by re-working the dialogue. You don't have much time to write dialogue in a short film, so it can't be too expository.

3 weeks ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer
All in all, this was a pretty solid drama short script. All I would mainly recommend is that you rewrite the ending to this script to make it a bit less corny and revise some of the dialogue. Good luck!

2 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

An interesting and fun short. Fun to read, engaging and left me wanting to hear more from our characters. A little niche but who doesn't like to learn things from what they read and watch.

2 months ago |
Sam Greensted Top Reviewer
Concept: I thought the concept was pretty strong for a short. The idea of the painting personified and guiding Rick was original and creative.

The story is where the short goes off a little bit. There's nothing really wrong with the progression, it's just that the middle of the story drags on for awhile. The part where he's getting no sleep and it's only broken up by a little bit of shenanigans from the paint brush really stalls the s...

9 months ago |
Ulysses Macargen Top Reviewer

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