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Slayers: The Next Generation

By Elizabeth Johnson

A teenaged Zoe Wood, daughter of Faith and Robin, takes on her role as a Slayer and continues the fight against evil while trying her best to maintain a social life and carry on her family's legacy.

Draft #8
Peer Rating: 47%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 8: 47%
Draft 2: 20%


New York City, 1977. Chosen One Nikki Wood is in the fight of her life with William the Bloody. New York City, 2022. Westview High School. Three teenagers from different backgrounds come together after defeating a common evil: head bitch Kara Delaney. Now that they've taken down the ultimate evil, the vampires and monsters that haunt the rest of the city don't seem so bad.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Overall, the script isn't too bad. It's far from perfect, but still one of the better pilots I've read. I do recommend this writer, it's clear they have a passion for writing, although they do have a lot to improve on, I look forward to seeing anything they produce in the future.

2 months ago |
Marlon Schwiersch Top Reviewer
A strong concept, as a fan of the Buffy universe I enjoyed reading a continuation of the mythos of the slayers. I especially liked a new lead one who has ties to the previous stories as oppose to using existing characters as the main focus. It builds a big picture well but i think the small scale is lacking. Slow down the pace and develop Zoe and search for the Travalthon will help make it a more substantial story. I am looking forward to see whe...

4 days ago |
Chris Welsh Top Reviewer
You developed an interesting world. The mythology leaves us wanting to learn more. The characters are also all unique with quirks that make them entertaining. However, without more "meat" to the characters, even if it's just a nibble, they feel a bit thin and it's hard to feel like we're in their corner (outside of the script telling us they are the good guys).

The plot points for the pilot are solid. The main issue is the flow of the plot and...

3 months ago |
SRE Studios Top Reviewer

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