Wanna See

The Eternal Return

By dchateau

A young man suffers from mental health issues while his mother refuses to get him help.

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Things are seemingly looking up for seventeen year-old MICHAEL WINDSOR.
He earned a full scholarship to Harvard, he is the top student in his school, and he is
incredibly insightful in mathematics and philosophy. Lately, however, he has been
having a recurring nightmare of someone falling to their death in front of a subway
train. And also brooding in his mind is a philosophical crisis: What is truth? What is
purpose? What is reality? His mother JOANNE WINDSOR, is a burnt out psych
nurse. Despite her profession she has long been suspicious of psychiatry. His bratty
sister MALIA WINDSOR, is the complete opposite of him in terms of intellect. As a
consequence to this she has more fun with life and is more sociable with others.

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