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Singular - "Abs0lute Zer0"

By SL Eastwood

A dream-chasing loner is forced to refocus when his colleague becomes prime suspect to a deadly cyber-virus attack. Veil Corp need a scapegoat and his obsession with clearing her name has put them both in its crosshairs.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 77%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 77%
2 Reviews | 49 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 2


A young man obsessed with making money to fund his goal of permanently uploading to an online world known as The Veil, is thrown off his game when a Cyber Virus attack at his workplace causes him to cross paths with his mysterious new neighbour. He is about to find out that everyone is harbouring dangerous secrets.

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Peer Reviews

I love Sci-fi so this played right into my genre of choice to "watch".

It had a feel of "In Time" meets "Black Mirror" (I remember an episode where you earn credits through what you do and who you know - Love the series), meet Elysium.

On the first page already, I know who Zaff is, late, rushed. He's going to make life difficult for Liam. Not because he's a bad person, he's just really disorganized. This setup works great for later when Li...

9 months ago |
Christine Locker Top Reviewer
Hi, SL Eastwood. Thanks for sharing your delightful script with us.
Here are my comments. Take them or leave them. However, I hope they're constructive.

Yes. Yet, you tell rather than show.
--For example: pg2: “…a surprisingly high-tech computer system.” Describing this computer system—without going into infinite detail—and what makes it “surprisingly high-tech” would be showing.
--Also: pg4: “…strange gl...

9 months ago |
D Ray Van Top Reviewer

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