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In the wine-soaked hills of North Georgia, two jaded millennials struggle to find love and purpose while working at a small family vineyard.

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Nonvintage is a half hour television workplace comedy that tells the stories of Stonewell Mountain Vineyards, a winery and small farm in the North Georgia mountains. The only things more tangled and twisted than
the vines are the staff’s personal lives. Especially for the ensemble’s primary protagonist, Will, a jaded millennial everyman simply going through the motions until he meets Alex, a bi-racial recent college grad doing her best to survive the often-backwards hill country. Cultures clash, with each employee having unique points of view on topics such as race, religion, politics, global
warming, family, fidelity, and more. Yes, it’s a show about a winery in the South trying to survive while also doing it’s best to be taken seriously; however, at it’s core, it’s a humorous character study of some unique fruits of the vine. It ain’t Mayberry, and the only things Sideways are the employees after closing time. Nonvintage is simply humor from the New South, full of picturesque locations and universal themes.

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