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By Nicholas Black

YOU awaken on a deserted highway, make your way through a forest of unspeakable horrors, led by a mysterious young girl, fighting to regain your memory before the Hungry find you.

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American Horror Story meets Blair Witch in this unnerving first-person adventure as YOU awaken on a deserted highway, having to make your way through a forest of unspeakable horrors, led by a mysterious young girl, as you fight to regain your memory before the Hungry find you.


What Happened in the Woods is a chilling, adrenaline-packed trip through dark forests, haunted houses, lavish cemeteries, and more as you (the audience) experiences the horror with the aid of a mysterious little girl, SAM. With her help, you make your way through the darkness, flashes of your past bombarding you, all the while hiding from creatures referred to as The Hungry.

Our pilot takes us from the moment we awaken on a deserted 2-lane highway at dusk, through the woods, and finally past a cemetery that is guarded by a dangerous creature. All the while youre being hunted by monsters known to us as the Hungry. With a barrage of disconcerting flashbacks, we start to unravel the mystery of what happened at the House in the woods, who Sam is, and what we’re going to face if we want to survive.

Series Notes:

Conceived and written by Nicholas Black and Noah Centineo (ABC’s “The Fosters”, WordPlay, etc.). This is shot in a unique first-person perspective (a la “Hardcore Henry”). An entire generation of GAMERS have grown up playing First-Person Shooters and Story games (Call of Duty, Resident Evil, etc.) and there aren’t currently any scripted series developed for that market. The current trend in film and Television appreciates the Horror Genre.

Episodes are 22-min (half-hour format) to keep the show lean, shot on a tight budget, and deliver an extremely engaging for the audience.

Attached Talent:

Noah Centineo (The Fosters, Netflix's TATB, Tagged, etc.)

Matt Wise (DP)

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