Wanna See

No Angel | Series 1, Episode 1: Pilot

By Elliot BD

Secrets run rife in the vampire monarchy as the heir tries to advert her future as the vampire queen.

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The day of the coronation is coming and Angel Ancient-Blood doesn't know what to do. This isn't the life she wanted, this isn't her but her father is dead-set on continuing the lineage of the crumbling monarchy. Meanwhile secrets are held by her fellow family members. A empty mother, a young man with no destination, a hot mess, a daydreamer, a beast chained inside a young boy and from deep inside, the end is growing.

(Cover is of Tina. Couldn't find a great eye-catching photo to hook people in that represents the story and Tina's my favourite character so... why not.)

(Please give me substantial criticism and not just "yOu spELt cUnT wrOnG." That too, yeah sure but I'm not concerned about that type of stuff as much.)

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