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Ring Three Bells for San Rafael

By D Ray Van

While on the lam in 1935 and hiding in a remote village, two mafia hit-men encounter a foe they can’t kill.

Peer Rating: 80%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Jovani “Joe” Gallo and Salvatore “Sal” Conti are mafia hit-men on the lam after a contract killing. They travel to San Rafael, a remote Nicaraguan village, where Joe often goes to relax with his girlfriend, Rosa. While there, Father Ortega, the village priest, becomes sick and exposes many villagers during the Communion Mass. When Maria, Rosa’s sister, falls ill, Joe recognizes the disease and organizes the village to limit its spread until help arrives.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

In the start, the plot and dialogue stumble between which character does what. That quickly ends when the prime characters board a boat and high-tail it out of the country and journey from the mob-hit tasker. Once the flu plague starts, a hitman becomes the town's savior. Keeping the era grounded in reality and character behavior truthful in their responses to the growing situation made it fairly easy to visualize the scenes.

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