Wanna See

Michelle & Kim (15 pages)

By Abdirizak Hirsi

Michelle searches for a killer, after his husband died. Sooner, there’s more st stake. Accomplices by Kim

Peer Rating: 33%
Industry Rating: N/A
1 Reviews | 15 pages | 8 months ago | Draft 1


This script is only 15 pages and it doesn’t cover the whole story.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Overall I find that this is a nice and overall easy script to follow, but it is very short and with television scripts try and aim for at least 27 pages, but take everything thatI say as feedback it is a good script as I said, very relatable characters and overall a premise that wouldn't look outdated on the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but the length is the main thing that is letting it do, it doesn't do it justice it just keeps pushing it down....

7 months ago |

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