Wanna See


By DeMonte Clark

A Japanese middle-aged couple longed for children, but never got them- but one day, a boy comes out of a literal peach and changes everything.

Peer Rating: 7%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Sabishi and Sapoto always wanted children but never got them. But in this Japanese manga-style animated musical, they will finally get their chance when a boy, Momotaro, comes out of a literal peach.

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Peer Reviews

I liked the concept of the story - a couple unable to have kids suddenly get a kid who just appears magically from a peach. Seemed like a fun and whimsical idea for an animated film, and to that end, the script delivers on its promise.

Where it could use some work is in plotting, pacing, and character. At the moment, the script is very repetitive in every facet and scenes have no narrative tension binding them together. Characters go to the ri...

9 months ago |
Dan Patrick Kerry Top Reviewer

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