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One Man's Deep Words

By chimezie ihekuna

Adam challenging Charles Griffins unruly behavior towards his students in his Philosophy class is the reason behind Charles' discovery...

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Mr. Griffins, six feet tall, handsome but frowning, always-dressed in a suit, middle-aged Euro-Asian-American Philosophy lecturer at the University of Maryland, was good at what he loved doing-lecturing philosophy students at all levels. He was so knowledgeable in the subject that most students saw him the best of all philosophy lecturers at the Department of Philosophy. However, ‘Professor’, as he was popularly called, was plagued with a challenge. He was tired of following the “by the works of philosophers as written in the books” tradition. Professor looked forward to a time when Philosophy would pay back the dues he had paid to it - to come up with his ideologies that would stand the test of time.

Charles and Kelvin were freshmen at the university studying Philosophy. From their first to their final years, they have been under the taught-driven voice of Mr. Griffins but have realized his displeased character, despite his teaching proficiency. This got his students unhappy with him. It soon got to the point that one of his students, in the person of Adam, during an hour-long lecture, amplified Griffin’s innate desire by asking: “Mr. Know It All, when will you come up with your ideologies?!” This stirred a wind of change that affected his personality completely.

Inspired by the influence of his Sandra, his wife of twenty years, Adam, and encouraged by his students and friends, Charles and Kelvin, Mr. Griffins wrote the thought-provoking, national and international bestselling, philosophy-based ‘small book,’ the university has ever recorded in its history - “One Man’s Deep Words”-with its subsequent revised editions. He was awarded the university’s “Most Outstanding Lecturer of all Time.” The work went as far as becoming the department’s Number One Philosophy literature! It influenced other departments of the university in many ways.

After making a thesis from the bestseller, he was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy. Three years later, he retired into active writing. With his name noised over every nook and cranny of Maryland and different prizes to his credit, Dr. Griffins has written four great works, which had gotten A-List reviews by Washington Post, Seattle Times, New York Times, ABC, Fox and a host of others. He has been interviewed on air, radio and Newspaper magazines by most media outfits in the United States and some in Canada.

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