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Copycat Murders

By D Ray Van

A serial killer greets a new Chief of Police with heinous homicides reminiscent of his wife’s murder three years ago. A copycat, or has the killer resurfaced to haunt him again?

Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Fresh on the new job, a political-appointed Police Chief Duggan steps into a resentful police staff, a serial killer, and the memories of his wife’s death and his mental breakdown. These new murder’s MO parallels those three years ago, down to the smallest detail not released to the public. Does Chief Duggan have a copycat killer, or has the murderer resurfaced to kill young women again? Without any leads to go on, Chief Duggan and a reluctant Sergeant Reed listen to the ramblings of an older woman who claims to have visions of the murders. Reed scoffs, but her information proves valuable time after time. Duggan and Reed stakeout the next location described in the old woman’s vision. They had given up and were leaving when a man abducts a woman and flees in his truck. After a long chase on country roads, the truck slows down for a hairpin turn, and the woman escapes. Reed gets the tags. After DMV runs the plate number, the owner’s name shocks Reed and Duggan. They converge on the owner’s house and make a gruesome discovery.

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I absolutely love your short, snippet-like descriptions for characters and scenes. They're simple, to the point, and descriptive. But, at the same time, I feel the need for a bit more in describing scenery at some points. You have an odd mix of quirky, can't-be-taken-seriously dialogue juxtaposed with very serious brutal murders and overall action. It is a bit odd. I couldn't exactly pinpoint the vibe of the show.

I believe your dialogue is w...

6 months ago |
Claire B Top Reviewer

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