Wanna See


By Xzilez

Told from 4 perspectives, 4 people travel to appear on a reality show to address their symptoms from the “Nightlight” tablet, a drug that cures insomnia, only to discover a devastating truth about themselves and the scientific trials conducted on them, that will turn their world upside down.

Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 67%
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Four intertwined stories covering a full day, each starting at a cabin in the woods, are told in the most gut wrenching experience imaginable. Casey, a wannabe influencer, loves the attention she gets and can’t wait to be a world famous model. During her stay a photographer who calls himself Max-a-million stalks her at the location. After receiving instructions from “Able Labs” the science corporation conducting the trials and reality show, visits a lake to take pictures for her instagram account and is brutally attacked by Max-a-million, showcasing that nothing is as it seems.

We reset to the perspective of Luna, a feisty lady who hates Casey and everything she represents, taking refuge in the cabin. She’s instructed to go to a bar but can’t due to the company car not working. In the house she experiences strange phenomenons that cause her to retreat on foot. On her way to the bar she meets up with a local who’s obsessed with Casey. He and the locals didn’t like how she treated Casey on her instagram account and attacked her, leaving Luna in a life or death situation where she can’t tell what’s real.

The last reset is of Jason and Deacon who’s instructed to hunt down a bear that is causing problems around the cabin. Excited they go to the gun shop but Deacon learns something is off. He realizes that the cabin, experiments, and what’s happening to them are all connected and tries to save them, but Jason is having a hard time believing it. After a terrible accident Jason has to come to terms with what’s going on and help Deacon get everyone out before they seep into the depth of madness.

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The concept for the film is original, and very amazing. I like the entire concept of the experiments and the vacation, and the truth about what surprise the protagonists are really in for. The characters, while somewhat cliched, are pretty interesting and really give life to the screenplay in general. The author is very imaginative and finds various ways to scare the protagonists and the audience while trying to find a way for our protagonists to...

11 months ago |
Advait Dantuluri Top Reviewer

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