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Miss Essential

By Xzilez

Stacy, a fifteen year old sophomore, returns to high school during the coronavirus outbreak. Stacy, her friends, and family must find ways to cope with the new way of life while helping others overcome their fears and phobias, while dealing with their own.

Peer Rating: 47%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 4: 47%
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"Miss Essential” is a young adult comedy sitcom that tells the story of Stacy, a young woman returning back to school during the pandemic. She realizes that people are not ready to be back and that her brother is suffering from some form of PTSD. This encourages her to become “Miss Essential”, a grounded superhero who helps young adults overcome their anxiety and phobias before it causes permanent damage, all while coming of age. It is written in the same vein as “Dairy of a Future President ” and “I'm not OK With This.”

In the pilot episode her English teacher has a nervous breakdown and yells at Stacy in front of the class for being upset about being called "Essential." He believes that Stacy is spoiled and selfish and wants to teach her a lesson. He instructs the class to interview someone who is affected by the pandemic and to write up a report about their struggle and feelings and what they are doing to get better. Stacy doesn’t think she has anyone to interview until she realizes that her brother never leaves his room, unless he’s wearing a face mask and gloves. With encouragement from her friends and family she tries to interview her brother but he isn’t having it. She must find out why he’s so isolated and what she can do to help him overcome his phobia before the end of the week, when her paper is due.

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Peer Reviews

The concept of the story is compelling as it is something people can relate to in our current circumstances. Although not completely original, this one mimics the real world. The pacing was smooth minus a couple spots where it seemed we were missing a valuable scene.

While the concept is intriguing, the story lacks the luster it needs to shine. There is no rise and fall action, no conflict or climax. There was no push in the story with some pa...

1 year ago |

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