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No More Gods


After discovering the truth, two free werecats set out to alter the future of their kind. Forcing them to question their beliefs, create an uncomfortable alliance with the cities vampires and challenge the legitimacy of their leaders.

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Drama,Sci-Fi/Fantasy | 0 Reviews | 46 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


People have often questioned what legitimacy religious institutions have to tell others how to live.
Objections are raised on the nature of religious truth, the importance of the autonomy of the individual, and the unthinking hypocrisy of those who have, judging those who do not have.

Orders often unquestioningly carried out by pious men who worship dangerous ideas on the pages of their ancient books, all the while telling us that wise and vengeful gods watch us from the distance of a life time.

Think of the horrors that have been commuted in the name of a god the pious cannot physically see. Then, imagine a religion who’s followers believe it’s leaders are gods. What harm could be done in their name?

Billi Choudhry knows. For years she suffered at the hands of those who deemed themselves her betters. Until one night she and her best friend Sally Ann Granger finally broke free.
Now Billi takes her not insignificant rage out on the endless supply of vampires stalking her city, while Sally searches for a way of finally bringing an end to the suffering of her fellow cats.

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