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For sale, baby shoes, never worn


Preparing for the arrival of a baby, a couple is given two cute baby shoes. Will they ever be used?

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Drama,Romance | 2 Reviews | 9 pages | 9 months ago | Draft 1


A baby is on the way... we're almost there! During the baby shower, a lovely gift is given to the expecting couple. Will all this joy be drained by a horrible event soon to happen? Read and find out!<br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> This was originally written by Ernest Hemmingway and is most famously known for being the shortest story in the world!


This is an interesting story to critique I must say,

First of all, job well done writing it. You definitely have a style and I saw the story clearly in mind. I've read Hemingway, but not this one, but I do get a sense of it throughout. Just a glimpse into an ordinary couple's life, both the highs and lows of a huge moment in their relationship. I'm very curious where you see this going, because if filmed the right way, people could really get...

9 months ago |
So, this one needs a lot of work. For one, none of the characters are given actual personalities, which makes it hard to care about them, really. Oliver is the closest to having a personality. But, for some reason, he's made to be an arrogant man obsessed with his work. And this literally has no bearing on the outcome of the story, nor any other segments in the story leading up to that. Up until the tragic ending, there really is no conflict at a...

1 month ago |
Michael Kospiah Top Reviewer

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