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Meat The Family + Meat My Uncle Short Story 37 pgs.


Have you ever wanted to know what's out there? This will tell you.

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Action/Adventure,Comedy,Horror | 3 Reviews | 16 pages | 7 months ago | Draft 3


This family may be a normal everyday family.. but you wouldn't know it from this tale told about a mans past by the man. this crazy tale talks about this mans family and childhood. read and you shall find that no one is as they seem.


I hate to write reviews like this. I want to say, first and foremost, that this is my honest feedback. I'm sorry if it sounds mean, that's not my intention. This story is a story that's hard to get into. I would say mainly because of the format you presented it in.

I would recommend free screenwriting programs like Celtx and Writerduet, which is what I used. It was hard to really decipher what exactly was going on and who was saying what. And...

7 months ago |
There are a few things I would like to address so I shall do it in dot point form.
• Firstly, you make no effort to establish what each character believes. You do make a slight effort, however, to tell the audience what they want. In order to create great characters, I suggest you figure out what each character truly believes, wants and needs. I would look to the internet on how to create great characters with great character arcs. In creating...

4 months ago |
The story is interesting and I did like it overall. For a bit I thought I was reading the dialogue of a stand up act, then I thought it was a stage play because it reads more like that then a movie script to me. You will need to look at other scripts and check out online videos etc regarding the formatting of scripts. You're script has no script formatting in it at all. Don't give up on this just work on it including another edit pass because lik...

2 weeks ago |
WL Wright Top Reviewer

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Have you ever wanted to know what's out there? This will tell you.
Have you ever wanted to know what's out there? This will tell you.