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Bekantan! ... or ... Attack of the Horny Killer Monkeys.


When a traumatized cop's wife and daughter are attacked by sex-crazed mutant monster monkeys in the Brunei jungle, he must 'man up' and face his phobias - or lose his beloved family.

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Comedy,Action/Adventure | 1 Reviews | 108 pages | 11 months ago | Draft 1


A comedy that borders on gross-out, "Horny Killer Monkeys" is actually a pro-feminist narrative with the moral "If you rape, you're just a dirty, stinking ape."


Charlton’s character seemed to change suddenly. You presented him as an uber-leftist revolutionary type but then he suddenly just became a clone of Archibald, just a horny lewd college kid. Maybe I missed something.

Genre. I certainly see the comedic elements, putting a group of misfit and diverse personalities together and letting them play off of each other. It worked for me somewhat. There were plenty of amusing exchanges, but never out rig...

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