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Kids No More (Unfinished)


They're kids, but they were forced to grow up.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 33%
Industry Rating: N/A
Drama,Family | 1 Reviews | 3 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


Sam and his friends help Sam's younger sister, Ellisabeth, as she tries to get through high school. (unfinished)

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

First of all, I would like to remind the writer that I am no expert in either writing screenplays or reviewing them. This is simply my opinion and suggestions, therefore no professional observation on this work. The story is short, but that's understandable since the writer has stated that it's unfinished. For that reason, this report was written with that taken into account.

I noticed this script was written using 'Celtx'. I also use that som...

6 months ago |

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