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Brotherly Guidance


Two brothers wander an apocalyptic setting.

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Family,Drama | 1 Reviews | 8 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


David, through the death of his parents, is tasked with keeping his younger brother, Dylan, physically and mentally safe in an apocalyptic world. He can do the physical part.


Your script formatting is not too bad. But you have to work on your action lines. Try your best to use the active present tense: He runs. Don't say 'He is running'. Instead of saying 'Narrator David' it should be 'David(V.O)', meaning David is in voice over which is basically him narrating. Try also to work on your dialogue. Sometimes David has chunks of dialogue that could be cut down to like four lines. Dialogue should rarely be as long as you...

1 month ago |
Kwesi Lewis Top Reviewer

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