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Identity crisis


A transgender makes a suicide video after going through sexual and emotional abuse.

Draft #3
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Drama | 2 Reviews | 25 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 3


In Africa, a part of the world where transgenders hide themselves forever, Victoria was no different. All her life, the one thing she wanted was to love and be loved. Her father rejected her. She had no friends growing up. Her boss set her up with her secretary who is the love of her life just because she refused to sleep with him.<br /> Her life became a mess when her secretary left her. She tries to kill herself but survives. Finally, she gets help from a law firm to take down her boss.


I think the story has a strong message, great concept, and a good writing voice. I'm not sure if this is a short, or the pilot for a T.V. show, but I would expand this into a feature length script because the subject matter calls for more story.

I was wanting more character development between Samantha and Victoria so we learn about their relationship, maybe they had fights before, some more intimate moments. Most of the emotional development...

5 months ago |
This is just a way too common topic in our world today and nothing really made it pop out to me like oh wow this is something amazing. I felt that the plot was dry, the romance was more sex driven and the story was just bland.

5 months ago |

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