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Chicago Overcoat

TV Series

On the south side of Chicago at the helm of prohibition, a horror writer finds herself torn between two worlds when she stumbles upon a speakeasy run by vampires.

Draft #1
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History | 1 Reviews | 58 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 1


2018 Screencraft Pilot Launch Competition Quarterfinalist; 2018 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder


Honestly, the Concept doesn't appeal to me. It is safe to say it is okay. The 1920's, vampire, mafia and a female lead in the middle of it all. But I'm just one person and that doesn't mean it is bad. Just that the story didn't take the direction I thought it would. The concept is original though. I have not seen this one before.
The logline got me to want to read it in the first place and it started well. Now I see why it got to the quarter fin...

4 months ago |

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