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Tshaba (RUN)


A soft and pushover of a man in an abusive relationship decides to run away from home until he is given an upper hand in his marriage.

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3 Act Synopsis: Act 1- Jafta paces back and forth at every interval, his suitcase lying on his bed. He has made a huge decision that will impact the rest of his life – Jafta is running away. He is tired of being abused by his wife who takes advantage of his soft nature. His wife calls on his cell phone and he switches it off to prevent disruptions of his plans. He shuts the suitcase and jets for the door only to find it locked. He searches for the key much to his dismal – it is nowhere to be found. The telephone rings, giving him an opportunity to ask his wife about the key. She has the key and gives him a chore to iron his wife and kids’ clothes. He follows instruction but is distracted by a window banging open and closed due to a strong breeze. This gives him an idea. Act 2: He escapes through the window and dashes to the gate only to be startled by his wife Zanele and kids with plastics in hand, Zanele attempting to unlock the gate. He spins around to run back into the house only to trip over his suitcase. He grabs Zanele’s attention, who demands he help open the gate. He obeys instruction. He then runs off only to be grabbed by the shirt. His wife demands to know where he is going. He stutters excuses and she throws apples at him until he is pushed to telling the truth. He lets out all his feelings and states that he cannot take it any longer and that he is leaving. She blackmails him stating that he will no longer see his children if he leaves. This triggers him for a second, but he assures her that he will fight it legally. He continues his journey only to be distracted by his wife breaking out into tears. Impulse leads him to run and comfort her. She apologizes and ask that he come back home. He agrees but on condition that she treat him better. She agrees. At home she offers to unpack his suitcase but freaks out when she finds the mess he left the wardrobe in. She attempts to maintain composure and decides to go address him in a calmer manner but is shocked to find him with his feet on the table she does not allow anyone to touch. She freaks out and screams. The old Zanele is back and lashes out to a laid back Jafta who ignores this noise and smiles as he is no longer afraid. He has ice cubes thrown at him and he confronts her this time.


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