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A Korean-American archeologist wakes up in the middle of the Sahara desert after the terrorist-hijacked plane crash landed, only to realize that he is the final missing piece of the upcoming nuclear war.

Draft #1
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Thriller | 3 Reviews | 88 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 2


Alex Kim is an Archeology professor at University of Chicago. After hearing the news of a new excavation site, he leaves his almost-due pregnant wife to visit Egypt. On his flight however, he is confronted by two 'proclaimed' government agents who claim that there is a terrorist on board the plane. The passenger sitting next to Alex hands him a piece of paper and takes out his gun to shoot at the two agents. The gunfight inside the plane causes the plane to crash in the middle of the Saharan Desert. After waking up near the crash site, Alex realizes that the first responders were sent to kill all the remaining survivors. Shocked, Alex decides to escape the area on foot across the Great Saharan Desert. A Swedish couple on vacation spots an unresponsive Alex and takes him into their haven, not knowing the bounty on Alex's head. Alex soon realizes he became the world's most wanted man and is being framed a terrorist. As he runs away from Algerian mercenaries, American government, Russian spys, and others wanting him dead, Alex must clear his name and protect the ones he love.


'Alex' is not a completely original concept, the enemy of the state storylines have been done before over and over, of which what separates them is story. Although this story has original elements, I wouldn't exactly say it is entirely original. The script, as a read, came across as disjointed, for example, setting up the emotional neglect theme in the opening scenes, choosing work over family, was never paid off. In fact, it was killed off. Whic...

4 months ago |
Damian Rzymski Top Reviewer
I like the concept. It is good and original. I thought the script started well though it could have started better. The concept is strong and can make an awesome story. Good idea Cho.
The logline is good but can be better. It conveyed the message but it can be made to be more catchy. The first ten pages is fair but it could also be so much better. The story started in the most normal way. I was hoping I will get to see this guy on a job so we ca...

3 months ago |
The concept is correct, the fact that we're going from an archeological finding to an international crisis is interesting. It could have been interesting to connect is the archeological field with the crisis.
The first ten pages are interesting, even if we're triggered onto something different than what we are dealing with further in the story. I was hooked by the potential of the story. The discussion with David could be shortened but it's ok...

3 months ago |

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