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Blood and Loyalty


A botched jewelry store hold-up, a fatal hit-and-run getaway and two brothers with a harrowing secret, hidden in the night.

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Drama | 0 Reviews | 94 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 2


Antonio Rivera has a lot to look forward to. He's about to wed his childhood sweetheart, Maria, in a couple of days and he's finally managed to persuade his long estranged father, Luis, to take the trip up from Miami to attend the wedding. Things just couldn't be looking any brighter for him. But, even such a promising future will not sway him from his penchant for committing petty crimes for fast cash. Not even his fiercely loyal, conscientious younger brother, Freddie, can convince him otherwise. Much to Freddie's chagrin, Antonio agrees to participate in the risky plan to rob a local jewelry store with his shady, gun-toting street hustler friend, Cookie Romero. Despite his staunch reluctance, Freddie is persuaded to act as the getaway driver and is promised by Antonio that it will be their final score before he settles down and the Rivera brothers go legitimate. But, the heist goes terribly awry, leaving Cookie and the jewelry store proprietor shot dead. Then, in a desperate attempt to flee the scene, Antonio, replacing Freddie at the wheel, strikes and kills an apparently homeless man crossing a dark, desolate street in the vicinity of a Greyhound Bus terminal. Determined not to ruin his future plans by being prosecuted for the hit-and-run killing and the deadly, botched robbery attempt, Antonio hastily concocts a plan to dump the body into the local bay. But, when their father fails to show up for the wedding the next morning, a visit from the police and a cruel, ironic twist of fate shatter the Rivera brothers’ lives.


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