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When his fiancée is mysteriously kidnapped, Peter is drawn into a conspiracy to alter the world’s gene pool. To get his girl back, this unlikely hero must first save the world. An unusual love story set in the future.

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy | 0 Reviews | 123 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 2


A plague is sweeping the world sometime in the future. A Nobel prize winning scientist, Ernst Hollings, has developed an organic computer, or vaccine, that can prevent and even reverse this plague. This easily digested computer is being distributed to billions of people throughout the world with great success. Peter’s fiancée, Monica, is kidnapped under strange circumstances. Peter discovers that Hollings’ organization, Biodyne, is behind the kidnapping. He enlists a nerdy friend to break into Biodyne’s database in order to look for Monica’s records. Instead of just Monica’s records, the friend downloads the entire database, then gives it to Peter. Biodyne thugs quickly capture his nerdy friend then come after Peter - and the hunt is on. A maverick military officer, Ace, learns that Peter has the database and he comes after Peter as well. Ace has been “worked on” by Biodyne and two side-effects are alcoholic and sexaholic impulses. Ace finally tracks down Peter and just as they meet, Monica suddenly appears. She has been “worked on” and is not the Monica Peter once knew. In fact, she is a clone, although Peter does not know that. Peter is so in love with her he thinks he can “undo” the work she’s had and establish an emotional connection, so they can fall in love again. He is successful to a degree because she is capable of feeling “illogical impulses”. Among other things, he reminds her they have a baby together that is being stored in a portable uterus. They have a two-day romance until Biodyne thugs find them hiding in the mountains. Peter is able to escape, but they kill the Monica clone. Peter and Ace eventually team up to stop Hollings when they learn there is a hidden program for the human race that will take effect at midnight on Christmas Day. In the end, among other surprises, we find out that Monica’s mother – who Monica thought was dead – has an unusual relationship with Hollings, which led to Monica being kidnapped in the first place.


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