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Animal Town


What would you get if you put a human mind in an animal body? And had hundreds of these creatures living in a place called Animal Town?

Script Baby
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John, a veterinarian, volunteers to raise a baby gorilla, which he names Tony. John wants to establish an animal sanctuary, but is blocked by the mayor, Murdoch, who has plans to develop the town and make millions. Years later, John decides to run for mayor, so he can get his sanctuary. The day before the election, an experiment with Tony goes awry and knocks John unconscious. While unconscious, he dreams he switched bodies with Tony. The next day, in his dream, John (as a gorilla) is elected mayor. Shortly thereafter, John is asked to use the same flawed experiment to save the life of a dying man, who he turns into a dog. He repeats the experiment on others and is soon hailed for saving lives. This causes a rush of elderly people to the small town who want to extend their lives by becoming animals. The population of the small town is soon taken over by people who have switched bodies with animals. These “hybrid” animals are now running the town under John’s leadership. They farm their own food and establish a viable community. John has established the sanctuary he had always dreamed of, although not in the way he thought as animals are now running things. Note: really a dramedy


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