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When an orphan travels to a gothic Texas town to reconnect with his familial roots, he unintentionally reignites a century long battle between witches and their hunters.

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy | 2 Reviews | 45 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 1


Welcome to Briarwood, Texas, where lore is law. In 1850, sixteen residents were burned at the stake for their suspected involvement with witchcraft. Now, over a century later, you can order "cauldron brewed coffee", take a tour with the Briarwood Historical Society, and marvel at The Old Burning Tree. If it wasn't for the witches, Briarwood would be a ghost town. Originally founded by the Gilbert family and their illustrious cotton plantation, Briarwood's economy is kept alive by a constant influx of supernatural-enthusiast tourists wanting to soak up a bit of sorcery--souvenir hat included. Otherwise, the residents of Briarwood mostly descend from the same families that moved into town so many years ago, free and not-free. Though they try to hide it with southern charm, Briarwood was after all founded on the backs of black slaves. The most famous of those families is the Boyers, for they descend from one of the suspected witches. On the eve of our pilot, the Briarwood's last and eldest Boyer, Florence goes into cardiac arrest. "You look... like someone I know," she says to her visitor in the hospital. His name is Percy Boyer, Florence's grandson, and he's just arrived in town all the way from Chicago. Little does Percy know, he does look exactly like someone Florence knows. His name is Shelby Boyer, a Briarwood Witch, a magical reincarnate. And Percy's not alone... So are Beverly Whitaker, the suicidal daughter of Briarwood's morticians; Adele Kidd, the whip-smart red-headed nurse; and Eli Whitney, the alcoholic graveyard keeper. These are the Briarwood Witches, and this is their story.


This script is fantastic, as a show, it has an identity, If I had one overarching suggestion, I would play up the "Salem of the South" angle, it makes the show easily marketable, and its a good hook for the show and this is a fantastic show, that should/could get made, but I think there are some things to work on maybe. I am extremely curious about what your plan is for the rest of the season because a lot happens in this first episode. like I th...

3 months ago |
Amazing concept. This is huge. It is original and stands on its own. However, a few things are out of place. I will get into that in a bit but this concept is good.
The logline got me interested and the first few pages were some what confusing. First, you started with the 1850's and then 2017 but when you went back to 1850's, I didn't know until I finished the scene. I had to look closely and read the scene again before I knew. May I suggest tha...

2 months ago |

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