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Blind Ambition


A pregnant woman in is giving birth and her husband in hot pursuit to the hospital.

Draft #3
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Drama | 3 Reviews | 9 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 3


This is the intro and some scene to a film, about the importance of family over work. I made some changes to the dialogue and grammar. I've added some more scenes and reshaped some characters and dialogue. I am not sure if I did the flashback scene correctly.


I would focus on grammar, clarity, and plot. Find the goals of the characters and give them harsh obstacles to overcome. I wrote a more in-depth piece but the website froze and everything got deleted. I'm not sure what the writer's intent is. Maybe email me and let me know, so I can try to help further. But at this juncture, we're just not ready to start the analysis.

5 months ago |
MARC LAW Top Reviewer
Renee Brown, who wrote this screenplay has a certain charm in which I wish to possess.

4 months ago |
Luis Rivera Top Reviewer
I think your story is refreshing an unlike other story I’ve read so far. The beginning of the Story is exciting and hectic, but I would dial this feeling of panic up a bit. The concept of following newly becoming Parents and the most intense moments is very interesting to read and the part with the Office was pretty funny. I don’t think that the logline really captures the whole story, it just describes the beginning and honestly didn’t really ex...

4 months ago |
HollandMarch Top Reviewer

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