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The New Oil


After posing as a pro reporter to receive information, a young asthmatic African American must escape annihilation and run the story to expose the corrupt policy of European business consortium in Africa.

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Action/Adventure | 1 Reviews | 98 pages | 4 months ago | Draft 1


Note: Some dialogues are written in KRIO. A lighter form of the Nigerian pidgin English. So watch out. Set in a fictional country of Mawange in West Africa, Michelle Falega (a rookie reporter) stumbles on information about a new type of fossil fuel called "fomusil". She seeks the help of captain (ex military and local transporter) to get her out. Along the way, they pick up Dr Lomax (fomusil project lead scientist) who reveals to them a way fomusil can be used to make a nuke five times stronger. Together, they embark on a bumpy journey of victories and losses.


You have a good basis for an action/thriller script. This has a 80/90s action movie feel to it. Key details and action are skipped to move the story forward, but a 21st century audience will struggle with the logically missing parts. But for a thriller there must be a reward for the audience after enduring all the twist and turns you wrote into your script. When you introduce the twists of Frank and her father, they don’t do anything to elev...

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San Dane Top Reviewer

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