Blind Ambition Short

By nene7884

A pregnant woman in is giving birth and her husband in hot pursuit to the hospital.


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Genre: Family
No. Reviews: 1 | Length: 4 pages
Published: 2 months ago


This is the intro scene to a film, about the importance of family over work. I made some changes to the dialogue and grammar.

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Blind Ambition Short


So the first page of the script is okay. Since it's a very short script. Or rather the beginning of a longer script. So far, the plot is okay. Dialogue is good. Our character, I mean the guy, is interesting enough. I would certainly want to know what happens next. And the emotion there is simply... good. I felt the need for the guy to be by his wife. The scenes are written well. The pacing is okay. If there is a climax here, I can't see it.

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  • 3.5