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What We Did That Summer


Three 12 year-old boys get lost while camping in the woods and must put aside their differences to find their way home the hard way while also learning about friendship, survival, and growing up.

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Drama | 0 Reviews | 89 pages | 4 months ago | Draft 4


"What We Did That Summer" is a coming-of-age adventure drama set in the early-1990's that tells the story of three 12 year-old boys who, during a week long camping trip in the woods near their home, get lost in the wilderness and must put aside their differences and rely on each other to get home. Along the way, they learn about friendship, survival, and growing up. Inspired by coming-of-age classics like "Stand By Me" and the films of John Hughes, "What We Did That Summer" is an emotional, humorous, and all around feel good story that people of any age can enjoy and relate to. Additionally, it can potentially fall in line with more recent childhood adventure tales such as "Stranger Things" and "IT".


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