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The School Teacher


What starts as an innocent prank sets the stage for multiple cold-blooded murders in a circle of old school friends

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Thriller | 0 Reviews | 170 pages | 4 months ago | Draft 1


It's no surprise when people sometimes 'get naughty just for kicks' or do absurd things at the spur of the moment without thinking of the repercussions, the damage or harm their deliberate 'innocent' actions might cause to others. When the so-called 'innocent act' goes south and things turn very ugly,do we murder the perpetrator or simply accept that things 'just got out of hand' and let it go? Okay. Now, say you just let it slide.But what do you do then when the same perpetrator goes out of his/her way some time later to publicly humiliate you without provocation, cause or reason?I'd definitely lose it. Well,it's exactly the case in this screenplay, The School Teacher. When an innocent act turns bad, and is no longer viewed as innocent when the desired results turn out to be more than expected,dangerous,fatal and wrapped with premeditated connotations. When the four friends almost do a repeat of the former act years later in their adulthood,the victim is left with egg in the face,frustrated and dangerously angry when his state of mind reaches a cul-de-sac. Paul revisits his mental vault,examines the contents and sees but a clear pattern of malicious intent vividly before his naked eyes.He does not need a rocket scientist to tell him what it all means,and starts putting a vengeance plan into motion.The ones he once called friends have greatly underestimated him,and they are going to pay dearly-with blood. He is taciturn,a loner, and calculatingly dangerous.He is just a school teacher, and they are big shots earning good money.When the time comes,he strikes with deadly accuracy and intent.Life is brutally ripped out,blood flows and he escapes undetected.Nothing lats forever, and everything must comes to an end at one point or the other.It's nature's simple law,irrefutable,irreplaceable.The hunter becomes the hunted,and the law closes in. When his plan is hatched,he seeks his quarries out,one by one-and strikes.


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