When The Bell Jangles Short

By HanDarris

A woman running away from an abusive relationship holds a secret but so does the hotel she finds herself in.


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Genre: Thriller
No. Reviews: 0 | Length: 10 pages
Published: 3 weeks ago


My story is an Alfred Hitchcock inspired thriller called 'When the bell jangles" about a young woman named 'Jane' who is running away from an abusive relationship when she finds herself at a secluded hotel for the night in which she discovers a dead body. In her desperate attempt to remain under the radar she covers it up on a series of actions which complicate her situation. what is she hiding? Is the killer still lurking around?

The story tackles the subject of domestic abuse and how far an individual will go to escape it. Voyeuristic techniques seen in many of Hitchcock's films are used add to the suspense of the story and for the audience to question the characters motives.

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