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It's just a typical Saturday in Southside (Jamaica, Queens), but little does Trey know that seemingly insignificant events will cause this to be the last day of his life.

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Draft #3
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Drama | 2 Reviews | 100 pages | 10 months ago | Draft 3


Taking place on one of the last Saturday's of the summer, "Southside" is a hood drama that follows Trey as he goes through the motions of being a father, boyfriend, and friend, living in Southside. A culmination of my own experiences, stories I've collected in my life growing up in Southside Jamaica, Queens and sprinkles of my favorite hood classics. This script began as an homage to one of my favorite films, Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing", but ended up becoming a very personal cathartic experience. The script stays true to the hood's vernacular, so it has a heavy use of slang (NOT TYPOS, MISSPELLINGS OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS). I also provided music cues that set the vibe for several moments -- they aren't necessary to understand the scenes but give a little more immersion for what was felt while writing.


What a wonderful concept you have here. Original.
I must confess. The opening got me interested but the middle of the script... Not so much. Nothing was happening. The scenes were well written except all scenes in the middle of the story has a lot of chit chat. Our protagonist is interesting but not compelling enough.
Honestly, the middle dragged a bit. Nothing interesting. The beginning pacing and the ending pacing was absolutely...

10 months ago |
Chukwuma Amobi Top Reviewer
The purpose of the script, overall, is to give the audience a harsh, but heartfelt look into life in the inner city. The main issue, is the lack of plot and substance within. Instead of getting a concrete three-act story that builds in a cohesive, dramatic fashion, the audience instead is taken through vignettes, or instances of the protagonist's day, that merely end in his sudden demise.

The writer does a solid job of creating an accurate and...

9 months ago |

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