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Nutmeg Draft#2


An unconventional therapist who finds he better understands his patients while tripping on nutmeg must now diagnose and cure an apocalyptic disorder known as metapsychosis, as his increasingly psychedelic journey makes it difficult to discern the real from the unreal.

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Comedy | 0 Reviews | 112 pages | 10 months ago | Draft 2


Despite his mild exterior, Doctor David Dartson is not your typical practicing psychiatrist. Among his many unconventional methods is his practice of tripping on hallucinogenic doses of nutmeg while he conducts his therapy sessions. It is during one such session, that MISTER HELLING A mysterious new patient who claims to be a demon, warns him of a coming psychiatric apocalypse - a new form of insanity he calls metapsychosis. an evolved form of mental illness in which patients project their delusions and hallucinations onto their physical surroundings. Doctor david Dartson is told he must see seven patients, bearing seven subtypes of metapsychosis: with a little help from PandORA - (paranormal and occult related affairs, an intelligence division of the Vatican Army,) David will endure these seven mind plagues of the apocalypse, and bear witness to Depressives projecting their suicidal ideation, making the people around them jump out of windows and such, a man with OCD whose frantic rituals are the only thing holding the laws of probability together. multiple personalities taken to the next level, schizophrenia becomes shizokinesis. Tripolar disorder, and it's effect on the fabric of space-time And finally, in a hyperspace mental institution known only as the 5150, a showdown with the the METAPATH himself, the God of all madness Be forewarned that this script is . . .out there. Strange. intentionally so, but I fear too strange perhaps, and the opening scene reads too much like a shooting script; I just saw no other way to convey things just then. Enjoy


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