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A "Blind" screenwriter, seeing only in the spectrum of radio waves, must use his gift to escape apocalyptic worlds of his creation,

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Screenwriter Evan Bard, who lost his sight in a pyrotechnics accident, keeps a secret from the world: After an experience with a drug called ibogaine, taken to cure an addiction that started with the pain meds he was given after the accident, he finds his eyes have been somehow re-tuned to see wavelengths outside the visual spectrum, including all the radio waves that carry the media he writes for. The world through his new eyes is painted in a spectrum of indescribable colors , and these frequencies don't reflect off the solid objects around him the same way light does. Far from a cure to his handicap, and what he does see he reveals to no one, continuing to go through the motions of ordinary blindness, because he doubts anyone would take his claim seriously, and the unknowable colors in his world defy description. But when Evan begins experiencing events and situations that resemble those of his screenplays, he soon discovers that the world around him never was what it appeared to be. Through his produced scripts, as seen by multitudes of viewers, a phenomenon known as morphic resonance has made these worlds no less real than the one we know. But each world each walk a separate quantum path, where events unfold in infinitely diverse ways. And now he's caught in one where things have taken a turn for the apocalyptic. He must use his new eyes, and his ability to rewrite the world from the inside, which comes with the price of accelerated entropy - a corresponding increase in the chaos and havoc in the world. Every time he writes a change in his quest to restore order to all the worlds, and find a way back to his own, the already perilous one in which he is trapped will only get worse.


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