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Cut theBlue Wire


Maverick bomb-squad guru and avid pot-head Chase Malachi must dismantle a self replicating, psychosis inducing doomsday device that reduces entire universes to sub-atomic dust.

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Thriller | 1 Reviews | 106 pages | 5 months ago | Draft 2


The world of Bomb squad guru and tokemaster Chase Malachi has always been a bit surreal. but nothing can prepare him for the outlandish journey that begins with a phone call at work ,researching an improvised microwave bomb, and getting stoned when, his partner DEVON calls him about a mysterious device on a running timer found in an office building. He gets there to find a massive conglomeration of circuitry harvested from the electronic devices in the building, everything about it defies description. nothing he does stop the timer, yet there are no explosives present, none can be found in the building. When the "bomb" goes off it's not with explosive force, but with a decaying and disintegrating of the entire world, indeed the universe, Chase and Devon included. then the story appears to reboot, in what turns out to be a slightly different parallel reality, as Chase again encounters the device, this time with a growing sense of deja-vu about the thing, which is now larger, and more evolved in its electronic chaos. Chase tries different methods this time, yet still the timer counts down to zero, and we see a more bigger, more cosmic look at the disintegration of the universeAs As Chase is "reincarnated" repeatedly, each time, his memories of other time-lines where he tried to disarm the "bomb" become more solid, a girl named Faith, an alien in human form sent to help him understand the bomb, and an interdimensional parasite known as the Metaphage, who thrive on on the very law of entropy that the bomb uses to destroy us, will invade the planet, spreading rapidly through multitudes of human bodies in which they can only survive for a short period of time To hunt down Chase, Devon and Faith. Every time they encounter the device it's a bigger, more advanced, and more bizzare. As it grows it causes a phenomenon called graviton psychosis, anyone near the bomb exhibits disturbing suicidal and homicidal behavior, and ironically enough the psychosis is linked to cannabinoid receptors, Chase and Devon are only able to interact with the device unaffected because the THC is acting as an antidote. but It's temporary. graviton psychosis gets worse every time, the Metaphage come at him faster every time. If he doesn't figure this bomb out soon, he never will.


First of all, I apologize for the length of this review. I found this tough, as there are many things to love, and yet a number of significant flaws, in this story.

Some aspects are highly original and there are moments that are simply inspired. There are a lot of cinematic and visual moments and some solidly novel sci-fi fare. It is obvious that extensive research went into several innovative concepts. However, there are some plausibility iss...

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